Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SbS survey in Mekong delta (day 3)

Caspian Tern
It was a tired day, walked many miles in the deep mud to reach the island, no SbS. We started at 05:30 when tide was still high, took a big boat to get near Con Ngang then walked in the muddy water. Too tired, Thien was not able to reach island and had to return the boat. Quang and I finally reached, we checked spot that 3 spoonies were seen 2 years ago. There were fewer little waders than last time, a few Red-necked Stint, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Sanderling, Kentish Plover and Lesser Sand Plover. Perhaps the habitat has changed naturally, more sandy and less soft than 2 years ago. Therfore, we encountered more big waders such as about 700 Pacific Golden Plovers, 1000 Great Knots, 200-250 Bar-tailed Godwits, 100 Far Eastern Curlews, 300 Caspian Terns. 
Other waterbirds were seen including 30 Little Egrets, 1 Grey Heron, 1 Great Egret, several Gull-billed Tern and about 20 Black-headed Gull.
We returned the boat when tide was getting up, again had to walk in the deep water, luckily we were safe with our equipments.   
Big flock of Great Knot
Pacific Golden Plover
Looks Quang didn't happy
We are at Binh Dai now, looking forward to see spoonies at Thoi Thuan beach tomorrow
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