Thursday, August 22, 2013

Field Guide to the Birds of Vietnam

Dear all birders around the World,
Thank you for your visiting this page, we are developing an offline apps for mobile devices named: "Field Guide to the Birds of Vietnam". We hope this project will give you a useful tool while birding, researching or working for birds conservation in Vietnam and Indochina.
Apps contains 5 sections
1. Bird explorer: The identification tool helps users recognize seen species by comparing, advance searching:
- by common name (English), scientific name or Vietnamese name
- by distribution region 
- by altitude
- by hotspot (well-known birding sites)
- by group (order, family)
- by fly shapes
- by colors: primary, secondary, bill, eye, leg/foot
When you select one or several of criteria above, you will get a filter result. Choose one of your results, a detailed information of that species will show you pictures, taxonomy, description, ranges map. See examples
Taxonomy and description

Pictures & Sound

Ranges map
2. Guide book: This is actually an ebook that shows all information of each species sorted by taxonomy. 

3. Trip: Very useful tool, a notebook helps users take note trip information, records related to species, location (using current coordination of device GPS), number, gender of the birds... This is also helpful for researchers, park's staff or students to study birds population, monitoring and conservation.

4. Quiz: Contains 3 games which help users to practice how to recognize birds by pictures, voices.

5. Maps: A map shows location of birding sites and information of each

Meantime, a demo ipad version is available on Apple Store 
It is totally lifetime free update, don't hesitate to download to your devices.

If you are not owning iOS devices, please visit for online version.

All your comments are welcomed and it will be very helpful for us to improve the next version.

All pictures we use are taken in Vietnam itself so color and subspecies are not confusing. However, we don't have enough quality images to make the apps perfectly. We are continuing update day by day, if you have any picture taken in Vietnam and willing to share for contribution, please email us (minimum size 600x800). We're appreciate greatly of all your contributions and will credit your name on the apps and our website.

Thank you and Best regards
Nguyen Hoai Bao 
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